Tuesday, November 11, 2008


as promised, a peek at the knitting that has been going on here in post-op world...

my B-Side Cardigan
B-Side Cardigan
The flash makes it a little shinier than it is, but the fabric, which is wool and silk, has the nicest weight and drape...

the Metropole sweater coat
Metropole Coat
yeah, it's boring to look at - charcoal grey linen stitch ad nauseum... but I think it will be most serviceable when done...

Shibuiknits Transition gloves, made with their sock yarn, which is SO YUMMY
First Christmas gift... so far...

these socks, made using Flat Feet yarn, were finally wrapped up - they were started in May!!
Flat Feet Finale
When I started these, I wasn't wild about the yarn - felt plastic-y, not very soft - but perhaps my fingers have changed or something, because I'm actually quite happy with them, and looking forward to wearing them.

There's been some sample knitting:
Sample Knits for Woolgirl
Test Knit
Sample for Twisted Yarn

and there have been sock clubs:
P1010600SKNITches Oct sock clubWoolgirl October sock kitScout's Swag club

including a couple of the BEST sock club packages ever unleashed on knitters
Woodstock sock kit from Woolgirl
Wicked Witch of the West sock kit, from Woolgirl
Between you and me, I am overloaded at this point, and will be stopping all but two or three of these clubs in the very near future...

There's been some Hallowe'en Ben and Liam as hobo and hippie, respectively
My son is on the left, wearing a sign saying "Pull my finger for $1", because he figured that a hobo would have to do something creative to earn money. Yup, he gets it all from me...

Leaf raking (ohhh, did I mention I can't rake? Gee... those poor boys...)Advantages of being post-op.
And not 12 hours after they got the backyard cleared, both big trees just kind of stretched and sighed, and now you can't see any sign of lawn whatsoever...

I have discovered that, although I can't rake, I can use a small leaf blower, and I am having fun (yeah, that's right, yard work can be fun) with it - in small doses, of course.

I'm just wondering if I'll be able to spin this post-op fragility out a little more, once there's snow on the ground (which feels like it could be tomorrow!) ... I probably won't be able to shovel till... hmmm, maybe May?? Think they'll buy it?


Carol said...

yup, you are definitely too frail to shovel snow, Or scrape the car. Because I said so.

Sandra said...

You can try, but I"m betting they won't buy it. At least, I know my kid wouldn't buy it...

Anonymous said...

Need the B side cardie M

Tanya said...

WOW! you have been crazy busy! And you found time to take pictures too. Looks like you are having fun and if you have too much sock yarn from the clubs to handle I'm sure a few of us could volunteer to help you get rid of it ;)

Anonymous said...

Corrrr look at all that stuff, and you've got the kids raking leaves. I certainly think you should milk this one a little longer!!

Hope you're well xx

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