Friday, November 04, 2011

Fun? Wow!

I know, right?  Who are you, and what have you done with Deirdre?

But, I figure this won't be too much of a stretch, as I'm always knitting anyways.  This is just putting a deadline to it, which is fine.  What might make it seem nuttier is that I'm going to try to make 2 sweaters this month.  There we go... now we've moved to WTF?

Tanner has asked me to make him a sweater.  He has very specific ideas of what he wants, and I think he just realized that by having me make it, he can pretty much design it as he wants to.  It only took 17 years, but really, I'm not complaining (I complained vociferously yesterday, so I consider my complaint quota met... for a while).

We're going to use this:
Knit Picks City Tweed, which is a DK weight, so it's not bulky.  I'm going to use the pouch from the Wonderful Wallaby pattern, then finish with a zip-up henley kind of neck and a collar.  Oh, and the cuffs have to be TIGHT.  And long.

See?  Very specific ideas.

And since I'll be making something for Tanner, well, why not make something new for me?  Ben hasn't asked for anything, and I don't have any major Christmas knitting planned, so why not?

Why not use this:
which I bought at Rena's Yarn in Dundas (no longer there) probably 16 years ago (Tanner was in a backpack carrier as I recall), to make this:
Unbelievably, it's the yarn called for in the pattern ('Killybegs' by Carol Feller), and I have enough of it, so it's all rather serendipitous, quite 'meant to be'.

Of course, I'm hoping that it's meant to be this month, and am planning  to cast on both sweaters this weekend, while finishing up a couple of other projects that I'll talk about, maybe tomorrow.

Uh huh, that's right... fun?  Wow!!


life ldc said...

Wow - two sweaters in one month!

Rena's yarns.....OMG! What a wonderful find in your stash and to know just where you bought it!

What did you make with all of that "natural" wool that you got from me at the Burlington Knit Group - or is it still stashed away for the perfect moment!

deirdre said...

You and your steel-trap memory... yes, I still have it, and you're right, I'm waiting for just the right thing to come along for it - it's gorgeous stuff!

Sandra said...

Love Killybegs! And my son also gives me specifics when he wants a sweater.