Friday, February 17, 2006

Recent life lessons learned:

* always put your lipstick on after you brush your teeth, because it's not humanly possible to peel your lips back far enough to avoid smearing it all over your toothbrush.

* never put your purse on the floor beside a space heater, or the aforementioned lipstick will melt, effectively remedying the first point.

* and never, EVER get cocky about how long you've been knitting, or how good you think you are, because the knitting gods will smack you upside the head before you know it.
Case in point:

pre-Olympics, I was working on a beautiful sweater from Interweave Knits, brioche stitch in the round - tricky but not too - plugging along, attaching sleeves, decreasing at the neck and shoulders, feeling pretty good about the whole thing as it had been just over a week's knitting - I did my final stitch count before finishing the mock turtle neck, and counted 9 stitches between the markers at each sleeve, 12 at the front neck, and 51 at the back - just the right shaping for Quasimodo, should he need a sweater --

and of course, the pattern is a bugger to frog because of the yarnovers - so, I shall complete my Knitting Olympics project, which is coming along, and try to force myself to fix this one. I have witnesses now, so hopefully that will help with the incentive -

or not...

I consider myself smacked...

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