Monday, June 26, 2006

molasses in june

a pretty accurate description of my knitterly activities right now - I'm knitting, whenever I get the chance, and yet things do not seem to be moving along very quickly -

must be summer fever or something - lazy, hazy days of summer?

Teacher gift socks are almost done - ribbing should be finished tonight, tomorrow at the latest -

I have my Diagonal Tank Top done to the neckline on the front - remember, this is still only the front! - and should be able to make progress on that this weekend -

for some reason I am unable to post pics, so will try again later...

I cannot figure out what has me slowed down - maybe the end-of-school-year crunch which has included a medieval festival for my youngest son, grade 6 graduation for the older one - he goes over to the "HIGH SCHOOL" next year for grade 7, and frankly, the thought of sending him into this place of high cut tops, low rise pants, short shorts, tattoos and smokers scares the bejeebers out of me -

and you know, I was the ONLY PARENT who volunteered to help with the grad on Monday - sure, it's not as big a deal as high school graduation, and no, I'm not looking for any pats on the back, but it's a milestone and deserves to be recognized. So here I am, painting banners, decorating gymnasiums, baking cookies - a few more folks have been grudgingly recruited in the past couple of days, but really... how disappointing.

So, maybe I am a little, um, preoccupied, and maybe, just maybe, that's affecting my knitting - well, only 4 more days and summer vacation, which is truly my favourite time of the year, will be upon us.

No lunches to pack, no pressure to be up too early, jammy days, a slightly more leisurely pace - ahhh, I can taste the grapefruit coolers now (which, I have decided, are actually good for me because they contain not only vodka, but real grapefruit juice, thereby satisfying one of my daily fruit/veggie requirements)...

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