Thursday, March 15, 2007

I Coulda Been a Contendah...

but alas, my Sock Madness group winners were all in by Tuesday morning, and I somehow sprained my thumb on the weekend, which slowed me up much more than I had expected...

but they are done now!
Mad Cows Done
Project: Mad Cow Socks for Sock Madness
Yarn(s): KnitPicks 'Essential' in Burnt Orange
Ruby Sapphire Yarns in 'Ariel'
Started: March 10, 2007
Finished: March 15, 2007

LOVE the short row heel - I made it slightly deeper and find it very comfortable and snug - I HATE baggy socks... the cast on was new for me, a figure 8 kind of thing - will post the link later - I couldn't make it very tight, so had to reinforce by sewing in more yarn -

however, I am happy, I really like the colours, and will wear them today as I whisk my young men off to Great Wolf Lodge for two days of waterslides, arcade games, and waterslides...

did I mention the waterslides? I had ordered myself a one piece swimsuit because at this point, I only have a tankini, and have visions of it flipping like an umbrella in the wind as I speed down these slides, making for a terrifying vision for adults and children alike - can you imagine the trauma that kind of vision might incur?

Still watching for the delivery guy - keep fingers crossed, and see y'all in a couple of days...


Miss Scarlett said...

Ahhhh. Sorry to hear that BUT you're a winner with that pair of socks.
Do you get access to the next set of patterns? That would be a bonus.
Have a great time at the Great Wolf Lodge - sounds like a blast.
Hope the delivery man gets there soon - though I don't think you would traumatize anyone! Cheeky.

deirdre said...

The delivery guy made it 10 minutes before we left - whew!

And I believe I do get to see the rest of the patterns for Sock Madness... I thought you would too, as a - what did you call it on your blog? - an observer?