Wednesday, March 29, 2006

never say never

Well, I finished the necklace yesterday, and it's just gorgeous! I am truly amazed at how much I like it - I actually want one myself, and I am not really a necklace-wearing kind of gal...

not too hard, just a little finicky, but so worth it!

Am now knitting like a fiend to finish my son's socks, and the Wallabies which I started a while back for both of my boys - I thought it would be fun for them both to have something new to wear for the festivities - FUN????? WHAT WAS I THINKING??

This is where I'm at:

the socks still need 1/3 of the foot, heels and legs;Wallaby #1 needs a hood, and to have the ribbing cut off and replaced with one less "colourful" - although the kid picked this in the first place - amazing what happens to children's taste over the course of a few months while their projects languish in a bag in a corner of the room...Wallaby #2 needs a hood.

And I want to have them done for April 4.

Which is this Tuesday.

And like a fool, I will try my damnedest to get this all done, because I just don't know any better, and I love a challenge, and, um, I don't have any other reasons other than to do it - oh, I know, so I can start something for ME -

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